Intelligence Instruction


Our team has proven senior intelligence officers and specialists with Active or eligible Top Secret / SCI/ ACCM. We provide specialized instruction, course development, and performance-based practical instruction addressing all aspects of specific methodologies taught to military students. We have a proven ability to tailor multi-spectral collection platforms for particular audiences/agencies to ensure optimal conditions, operational security, and mission success. We hold extensive training in the following;

  •  Force Protection Operation

  • Foreign Diplomatic Relationss

  • Surveillance (mobile and fixed)

  • Counterintelligence Operations

  • Human Intelligence Operations

  • Continuity Of Operations Planning


  • Intelligence Analysis

  • Signature Reduction

  • Strategic Debriefing

  • Surveillance detection

  • Counter-surveillance

  • Interrogation Operations

  • Intelligence Collection in Dynamic Operations
  • Full Spectrum Multi-Conflict Intelligence Operations Management
  • Senior Leader Intelligence Operations Employment (Executive Level)

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