Shots Fired. What Next?

Active Shooter Planning & Training Saves Lives

Planning made before and reactions to follow can determine the outcome of a disaster, including number of lives saved.

Do not be unsure of how to act. Equip your people with the mindset and knowledge they need to survive.

How to Save Lives with Active Shooter Planning & Training

Learn the Steps that Save Lives with Active Shooter Training in San Diego, California, & Abroad

According to a Department of Justice Critical Incident Review of the 2015 Active Shooter Attack in San Bernardino,

“Active shooter training was cited as a key reason some people survived the attack.” In short, training makes a real impact on survival.

The right training prepares and tests your people on what to do in a threatening situation. So, when threat strikes, there’s a tactical Emergency Plan of Action. It is a scary topic, we understand. Here is what is even scarier: The aftermath of what could happen without training. That is why our team is here.

Our Process

This training is more than a lecture and safety tips. Our process analyzes, teaches, and tests how to react during and after an active shooter or shooter threat situation. We use drills to reinforce learning and make reactions a trained habit. Our training is tailored to your location, so the analysis is comprehensive.

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Learn More About Our Active Shooter Training forSchools

Download our ebook to learn more about how to prepare your school for an active shooter threat.

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Learn More About Our Active Shooter Training forOffices

Download our ebook to learn more about how to prepare your office for an active shooter threat.


Download our “How to Prepare Your School for an Active Shooter Threat” ebook.


Download our “How to Prepare Your Office for an Active Shooter Threat” ebook.

Who Does this Security Planning Equip for Survival?

Active Shooter Training for K-12 and Higher Education

Equip your students, teachers, staff, and parents to have the highest possible survivability with San Diego school shooter drills and assessments. Training is customized to your school and its unique layout. We show students and staff how to protect themselves and parents how to act and react. This includes: Elementary School, Middle or Junior High School, High School, and College or University.

Active Shooter Preparedness for Companies & Organizations

To protect your employees, equip them with knowledge on what to do and how to act if there’s an active threat. Get an extensive understanding of what steps to take, from assessment of building to drills that put training to the test. The drills ensure your people have gotten the realistic feel of the situation, how to act under that pressure, and be that much more prepared for a real threat.

Our Active Shooter Planning & Training Services

To plan for an active shooter threat, we train everyone involved, from the administration to the teachers to the students to employees in companies and organizations. Our services include assessments, Emergency Action Plans, training on concepts and techniques to defend against an active shooter and hands-on drills to test these newly learned skills.

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  • Classroom education
  • Interactive workshops
  • Building/campus threat vulnerability assessment
  • Administrative/executive level table top exercises
  • Emergency Action Plan reviews and rewrites
  • Full scale drills

The 4 Phases of OSI’s Active Shooter Preparedness

Phase 1


Get a full assessment that highlights weaknesses and specific ways to maximize safety for a campus or site. Assessments include physical layout of your space as well as an analysis of your Emergency Action Plans.

Phase 2

Plan Improvement

Using our Assessment, we will help customize and craft ways to improve Emergency Action Plans and physical security.

Phase 3


Learn the concepts and techniques to defend against an active shooter in your own classroom, school, or workspace.

Phase 4


Our experts design and execute drills in a safe manner that test the training, plans and revamped procedures. Drills take the experience from learning to real life skills. All drills follow FEMA’s Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program methodology.

Personalize Our Training to Your Needs

Together, these phases combine to create an all-inclusive experience that analyzes plans, trains, and tests for maximum effectiveness.

If there’s a gap or need in just one phase, we can discuss a la carte options for what you specifically need. For example, we can create a custom package with only a Vulnerability Assessment.

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