Our Services Can Save Lives

Solutions to Safely Prepare People & Protect Property

Our Services Can Save Lives

Solutions to Safely Prepare People & Protect Property

At Odin Solutions International, we have one ultimate goal:

To save lives and prepare our clients for intense and often unforeseen situations through advanced training and expert consulting.

Why OSI is Not Your Average Training or Consulting Team

With years of experience in the military, special forces and private sector VIP services, we take a unique, results-driven approach. Our wide range of services are for individuals, organizations, schools, military and the US Governement.
Our team provides comprehensive training, assessments and tactical plans that are customized to you and/or your organization. This goes far beyond standard advice and safety tips.

You, your surrounding and your people are unique. To maximize safety and lives saved, training and planning must be tailored to match.

With the right training and planning, there is peace of mind. Training means you know what to do when crisis strikes. There is less fear and more action because you took the time to make training a priority before the threat happened.

Our Services

Active Shooter Training

Prepare your school or organization for active shooter threat or situation. We equip your students, parents teachers, staff and/or team members through a carefully designed 4-step process. See how our seasoned solutions can save lives.

Military Training & Exercise Support

Ensure your troops get the elite training needed for warfare. At OSI, we provide special instruction, comprehensive support and highly realistic simulations to ensure military members are ready to face challenges.

Private Transport & Executive Protection

Procurement & Logistics

The 4 Phases of Odin Training in San Diego, USA & Abroad

Phase 1


The free consultation lets us learn your needs and requirements. We ask strategic questions and address your current situation. Then, we create an action plan. With approval, we develop the plan into an operation.

Phase 2


We provide a comprehensive assessment of your current Emergency Action Plan (if you have one) and conduct a physical assessment. We’ll evaluate your location and surroundings and rewrite procedures to maximize safety.

Phase 3

Presentation & Training

We present and teach on the specific plan and strategies for your situation and surroundings. This empowers solutions, questions, and readiness for you and all others involved (such as team members, troops, staff, parents and/or students.)

Phase 4


Our experts put the information and new skills to the test in a realistic simulation. It’s a safe environment to make sure everyone is ready for potential challenges. All exercises follow FEMA’s Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program methodology.

Personalize Our Training to Your Needs

Together, these phases combine to create an all-inclusive experience that analyzes plans, trains, and tests for maximum effectiveness.

If there’s a gap or need in just one phase, we can discuss a la carte options for what you specifically need. For example, we can create a custom package with only a Vulnerability Assessment.

Our overarching phases apply to the following training:

  • Active Shooter Threat
  • Natural Disaster Preparation
  • Terrorism & Warfare
  • Military Exercise & Support, such as Language Support
  • Private Security for VIPs
  • Protection for High-Worth Individuals and Property

(Procurement and Logistics has a different process than other services. Learn more here.)

What’s the Investment to Get Training?

The pricing is simple. We assess your situation and needs in our free consultation. Then, receive your proposal with the exact steps and investment.

Learn more about the value of our training services:

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