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The Executive Team at Odin Solutions International

We provide security training in San Diego, OC, Los Angeles, and Southern California, as well as nationally and globally. Our team pulls from the expertise of core members, as well as work with a variety of key partners, including local law enforcement and security teams.

Combined, our dedicated trainers and veterans have over 30 years of experience in military training and leadership. Meet the executive team behind Odin Solutions International, including those who make it a Native American Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

Archie Jack (Chief Executive Officer)

Archie Jack Owner (AJ) has led operations planning with groups like US Secret Service, FBI, State Department, and various military Special Forces. His journey started with the Navy in 2005, after completing his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. AJ was quickly elevated from Electricians Mate to Explosive Ordinance Disposal community,Read More + where he was delegated control over $40m operational budget to deploy more than 200 people; his efficiency reduced this budget to $20m.

Soon after, he moved into operations planning and forging partnerships between services where he implemented strategies to improve. After, AJ was selected to instruct at the Training and Evaluation Unit, where he once again found deficiencies and readily improved them through new internal processes and quality control.

Upon retiring from the Navy, AJ knew that he wanted to start a company that focused on superior training services for both military and civilians. Utilizing his operational expertise, training ingenuity, and a vast network of high performing individuals, he founded OSI, a company rooted in efficiency and dedication. Read Less –

Jason White (Chief Financial Officer)

After Jason White studied Business & Theology at East Texas Baptist, he became the Executive Director at Scottsville Camp and Conference Center. His father’s unexpected passing led him to join the United States Marine Corps, with the Marine Reconnaissance program.Read More + He completed Army Airborne course, Navy Combat Diver Training, Survival Evasion Resistance Escape School (SERE), Royal Marine Arctic Warfare Training course, Foreign Weapons Instructor Course, and the Advanced Driver Training program.

Jason completed 2 tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, as a Reconnaissance Marine, and was presented with multiple combat valor awards. Next, Jason re-enlisted with the Marine Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Program, where he underwent advanced training, such as interrogation, counter intelligence operations, and asset development. He completed three additional deployments to Afghanistan, again receiving multiple awards including the Bronze Star for Valor.

Jason led Marines through a twelve-hour engagement with enemy personnel and carried wounded Marines under fire, across open desert to helicopters. He aided multiple operations with Army Rangers, British Special Forces, and other government agencies, developing intelligence assets and providing tactical interrogation capabilities.

In 2013, Jason started a new chapter and opened and ran the Brass House, a Jazz and Blues Restaurant, and Event Center in Austin, Texas. Together, after, Jason and Archie Jack quickly began developing the concept for Odin Solutions and, upon AJ’s departure from the Navy, launched this company. Read Less –

Drew Wooster (Chief Operating Officer)

Drew, graduate of UC Berkeley, graduate of the Naval Officer Candidate School, and a helicopter pilot, started his career in Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron EIGHT, where he oversaw 50 personnel and was subsequently assigned as an operations officer for the Helicopter Sea Combat Wing, U.S. Pacific Fleet.Read More + After, Drew joined the Training and Assessment branch of one of the largest Naval Regions, encompassing 6 Southwestern US States.

He oversaw 10 Installation Training Officers, who each were responsible for developing and training a team of more than 20 personnel in all aspects of the naval city (Fire, Security, Medical, Housing, etc.) While gaining a broad spectrum of expertise in all facets of anti-terrorism to include first response, physical security, and civilian population response during violent threats, he observed that the training standards could be improved and maximized.

He partnered with former Navy, Marine, and Army security specialists, to develop and lead Mobile Training Teams that reshaped and vastly improved each installation’s organic training ability. His installations are now some of the best performing installations in the continental United States and are continuing their upward trend. He brings this caliber of experience to OSI, a company that understands and values the importance of high quality training, and superior readiness. Read Less –

Dave Tucker (Director of Field Operations)

Dave, who started his Navy journey at 14 years old with the Navy Sea Cadets, enlisted in the Navy under a Special Forces contract, fulfilling his goal to be a member of one of the most elite units in the world. After intensive training, he scored top of his class at a Naval Special Warfare language course, where he became fluent in Swahili.Read More +

During 2 Middle Eastern deployments, Dave led expert training for 96 personnel from 6 countries in visit board search and seizure, fast roping, unconventional warfare, room clearing procedures, convoy protection, and direct action. Due to his success and reputation as an expert trainer, the Israeli Special Forces, Shayetet THIRTEEN, hand selected his detachment to conduct a high priority subject matter expert exchange.

After 7 years in the Navy, Dave started to contract with companies and organization, leading to work with disaster relief areas, protecting government and serving corporate VIPs in Middle East/Africa/Central America. He brings this extensive background and dedication to readiness training to OSI. Read Less –

Jon Tempelmeyer (Director of Force Protection)

Jon, from a long lineage of military, joined the US Navy after attending Fishburne Military School as a Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman (SWCC). In 6 years, he partnered with special force groups like the Army Rangers, 160th SOAR, Marine Recon, Marine Special Operations Command and the Navy SEALs. He deployed to East Africa and had a follow-on tour with the Crisis Response Element in the Middle East.Read More +

After his Navy service, he applied those standards of excellence to the private sector. He joined Tim Case International Ministry, where he performed armed and unarmed personal security details for VIPs, as well as mission planning and direct operational oversight over mobile security and convoy protection in East Africa, Europe, and Central America. John thrives in dynamic environments, and joined the OSI team to analyze unique ways to develop and execute custom solutions. Read Less –

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